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What is this service?

Firstly, this service exposes metadata stored in the DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) using multiple formats. Secondly, data centres who participate in DataCite can define their own formats, both for data and metadata. In short, DataCite data centres can submit multiple URLs (associated with MIME types) per registered dataset. This service will allow you to access those URL by providing MIME type and DOI.

There are two ways of using this service: HTTP content negotiation or HTML links.

Content negotiation

In this method you will not access this service directly. Instead, you will make a DOI resolution via using an HTTPs client (not your regular web browser!) which allows you to specify HTTP Accept header. Content negotiation for DOI names is a collaborative effort of CrossRef and DataCite and it is endorsed by IDF. For details on how to use DOI Content Negotiation documentation please be sure to check our documentation.

HTML links

This method can be used with a regular web browser. In order to get a specific format please construct URL following this pattern:


Let's take dataset 10.5284/1000418. An RDF representation of its metadata can be obtained by linking to:

This dataset was also registered with additional format, namely BagIt, which was serialised by compressing with ZIP. The MIME media type for ZIP is application/zip. In this case the HTML link will be:

This method allows DataCite data centres to link additional metadata and data itself using custom URLs, thus using the primary URL for DOI to point at the landing page of a data set.

For example 10.5284/1015681 is a report (grey literature). This data set is a PDF essentially. Recommended practice is to point the DOI to a landing page and link to a document itself as follows:

Source code

This project is hosted on GitHub.


If you have questions or problems please email us: