DataCite Content Negotiation

DataCite metadata in multiple formats.

Content Negotiation

In this method you will not access this service directly. Instead, you will make a DOI resolution via using an HTTPs client (not your regular web browser) which allows you to specify the HTTP Accept header.

Content negotiation for DOI names is a collaborative effort of CrossRefand DataCite and it is endorsed by the International DOI Foundation.

For details on how to use DOI Content Negotiation please be sure to check our documentation.

This method can be used with a regular web browser. In order to get a specific format please construct a URL following this pattern:

This method allows DataCite data centers to link additional metadata and data itself using custom URLs, and using the primary URL for the DOI to point to the landing page of a data set. is for example a report in PDF format, and can be downloaded without first going to the landing page using: